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We are committed in nurturing youths in such a manner that young people cite that the cooperative values and principles make cooperatives attractive to them both as a means to create their own enterprises or as a potential employer who will provide them “decent work”


Shri Rajesh Pande, President, National Yuva Cooperative Society Ltd.


Cooperatives are principle-based enterprises that put people, rather than the pursuit of profit at the centre of their business and so at NYCS we follow a broader set of values than those associated purely with making a profit- namely self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. The democratic nature of the cooperative enterprise encourages participation, broadens ownership and fosters empowerment of youth.

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development of any country. The economy becomes more productive, innovative and competitive through the existence of more skilled human potential. By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group. India has one of the youngest populations in the world, a trend that is expected to continue until 2040. India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022. About 12 million persons are expected to join the workforce every year. This presents the country with a unique opportunity to complement what an ageing world needs the most and that is a large pool of productive workers.

We at National Yuva Cooperative Society Ltd. are committed to develop such workforce for the country through various employment and self employment related activities. The cooperative model of enterprise contributes to youth employment not by only providing salaried employment, but also facilitating job creation through self-employment.


Rajesh Pande
President, NYCS


Board Of Directors

Shri. Rajesh Pande
President – NYCS

Ever since the days of his youth, Shri. Rajesh Pande was associated with the student development movements and he began his social stance and career by countering the challenges encountered in his journey from a volunteer to the all India Secretary of a leading student council. He organized student rallies like the “Chalo Kashmir” rally in 1990, mammoth educational rally in 1993, to show solidarity to different student causes and missions and actually making a difference there in with the united student force. He has also contributed in organizing many national sports and cultural events. His experience and contribution in every field of youth development, be it education, sports, culture or health,is unparalleled. NYCS is privileged to gain the able leadership of Shri. Rajesh Pande as its president. He also holds the chair of Managing trustee in Lokmanya Education Trust and that of independent director in Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd. He has been a senate or council member of many reputed councils and boards like Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Board of Sports, All India Women’s Kho Kho, All India Volleyball, West Zone Kabbadi, All India Cultural and Youth Festival, Students and Sports Welfare and many more. He is a member of Uttar Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and Vaidyakiya Vikas Manch too.

Shri.V. Muraleedharan
Vice President - NYCS

Shri.V. Muraleedharan is the founder president and the serving vice president of our multi-state co-operative society – National Yuva Cooperative Society Ltd(NYCS). The former president of Bharatiya Janata Party Kerala State has exceptional skills of organizing, training and empowering people. He has served as the All India convener of BJP training cell and has also held chair as Director General of Nehru Yuva Kendra and convener of Youth Employment Generation Task Force under Khadi and Village Industry commission. He has been closely associated with the student development movement since his school days and has had close interactions with education departments in various state governments, Vice Chancellors of various Universities, University Grand Commission, Association of Indian Universities and educational research Institutions like NIEPA, NCERT, etc. His in-depth and thorough knowledge about National educational policy, higher education system, creation of employment opportunity, environmental issues and developmental problems equipped him to present revered papers at different National and International seminars. A strong advocate of sustainable development, he has represented India in the World Youth Peace Summit Asia - Pacific conference at Bangkok in 2004.

Shri. Prakash Sahu
Managing Director - NYCS

Shri. Prakash Sahu holds chair as the managing director of NYCS and is also the director of Sanket Communications Pvt. Ltd. in Odisha. He has been a social worker since his student days and has actively worked for student development in Odisha since 1982. He has served as the State General Secretary of a leading student council. Born to lead, and a friend, philosopher and guide to his team, he exudes charisma, vision and strategies that benefit not only his company but all the student committees that he is associated with.

Shri. Satish Marathe
Director - NYCS

Shri. Satish Marathe is an esteemed member of the Board of Directors of National Yuva Cooperative Society Ltd. Presently, he is also a Director on the Board of Rajkot Nagarik Sahkari Bank Ltd., and an Expert Director on the Board of Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd. Starting his career with the Bank Of India, he has also served as the Chairman & Managing Director of United Western Bank and Chief Executive Officer of Jankalyan Bank, Secretary of the Indian Banks Association and the vice president of the Private Sector Bank Association. He has been a member of the High Power Committee constituted by Govt. of Maharashtra in respect of Weak and Sick Urban Co-operative Banks and also a member of Maharashtra State Co-operative Council which was constituted by the Government of Maharashtra. He is the founder member of the largest NGO in the Co-Operative sector in India - Sahakar Bharati. Over 20,000 Co-Operatives are associated with Sahakar Bharati. He also is a proud recipient of IFFCO’s top most cooperative award Sahakarita Ratna for the year 2015.

Shri. Umesh Dutt Sharma
Director - NYCS

Born in a defence family of Defense, Umesh Dutt is a director of National Yuva Cooperative Society and the Chairperson of Partners for Awareness and Community Empowerment (PACE). He has been active in student movements and as an active youth leader, he has visited more than 100 state & central Universities and institutes of national importance as well as hundreds of colleges from far-flung regions of Ladakh in J&K and Silchar in North East India. During the recent Assam violence, he has been a leading figure along with his student council members in the effort towards National Integration. Being a voluntary regular blood donor since 1995, he has also led many blood donation awareness campaigns. He has actively led student campaigns against alcoholism. He is a regular commentator on National and Regional News Channels, and a regular invitee to television debates. He has consistently propounded the principles of a nationalistic student movement and inspired students to contribute towards the country and society at large.

Ms. Prakruti Upadhyay
Director - NYCS

Ms. Prakruti Upadhyay is the national finance director of our multi-state and multi-purpose co-operative – the National Yuva Co-operative Society Ltd. A chartered accountant by profession, she has been working as a founder partner for Upadhyay & Company, Chartered Accountants. She is certified in the fields of Infomation System Audits and Insurance & Risk Management by ICAI. Direct tax compliance, planning & appeals, forensic and fraud detection audit, internal restructuring and business development are her areas of core competence & interest. She has headed many Audit & Assurance programmes for many banks like State Bank Of India, Bank Of Baroda, Janseva Sahakari Bank, Janata Sahakari Bank and cooperative societies like NYCS and Haldar Vikas credit co-operative society. Her strong belief in Holistic Growth & Motivation impressively reflects in her personality.

Shri. Kashinath G.
Director - NYCS

Kashinath G. is a social worker since his Student Career. Inspired by Shri. V. Muraleedharan, he joined and served the student movement in Kerala. He has actively worked for the development of students at different places in India. His journey with NYCS has completed a decade and he holds chair as a director with NYCS since 2015.

Shri. Krishnadas E.
Director - NYCS

The All India Director of National Yuva Co-operative Society Ltd., Shri. Krishnadas has been an active member of leading student movements and development councils. Along with being the State Committee member of BJP in Kerala, he is also the BJP District Treasurer of Kerala’s Palakkad district. He is a life member of Red Cross Society in Palakkad district and a former office-bearer therein too. He is also a member of the governing body “Vyasa Vidya Peetom”, a prestigious higher secondary school having about 2000 students in Palakkad. He works as a standing counsel for the Palakkad municipality and is a practicing lawyer in different courts of Kerala for the past 20 years. His book “Press Vs Judiciary, Press reports and its impact on the Judicial Mind” published in the year 2004, and an article “Go Slow India” published in Kerala Law Times, a leading Law Journal published from Kochi has received wide acclaim.

Shri. Kamal Sharma
Director – NYCS

Shri. Kamal Sharma holds chair as a director of National Yuva Co-operative Society Ltd and has earlier served as the general secretary and then the Punjab president of the Bharatiya Janata Party too. Bearing the brunt of the Indo-Pak partition at a tender age, benevolence and value of social service came naturally to him. He joined student movement during the militancy days in Punjab and moved on into political circle consequently. Earlier in his career he has worked as media advisor to Khadi & Village Industry Commission of India, media advisor to the chief minister of MP in 2004-2006 and also as a political advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister in 2012. It was this journey that led him to be the BJP president of Punjab.

Shri. Ashish Sood
Director - NYCS

Shri. Ashish Sood is a member of the board of directors at National Yuva Co-operative Society Ltd. He started his social activism from his early days when elected as a secretary Student's union of ARSD College in year 1985. His extraordinary organisational skills and leadership qualities led him to be elected as Joint Secretary at Delhi University students union and subsequently as President of Delhi University Students Union. He has served as General Secretary in multiple student development councils including BJYM. He has served as the General Secretary of BJP for Delhi State is currently Vice President, BJP, Delhi and a Municipal councillor there in too. He believes in finding solutions to every social problem and imbibes the “can do” spirit in his team as well.

Shri. Mahaling Pandarge
Director - NYCS

Shri. Mahaling Pandarge is a director at National Yuva Co-Operative Ltd. and is also presently practising in Supreme Court of India as Additional Government Advocate for State of Maharashtra. He is also an advocate for the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission since 2008 and has represented the matters relating to consumer case of District Cooperative Banks of State of Madhya Pradesh in the same office. His excellence in drafting and vetting of contracts, statutory compliance and documentation is commendable and so is his deep knowledge of corporate law, co-operative law and civil law. He has worked as an associate with Supreme Court’s senior advocate Bhupendra Yadav (Member Of Parliament) and has contributed immensely into the research of “manupatra” which will be a blueprint of factual law and business policies.

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