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RPL At a Glance:

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a platform which provides recognition to informal learning with the aim to provide it with equal acceptance as the formal levels of Education.

RPL is beneficial to those people who have non formal training or have prior learning and want to demonstrate it in the market. Suppose he/she has a basic level of knowledge or skill, in spite of having this basic Skill he/she might not be able to attract employment. RPL helps these people assess themselves and provide them with the opportunity to hone their skills and get better job opportunities. It will provide them with the knowledge to market themselves so that they can grab better employment opportunities.


The objective is to help get a large number of Indians exposed to industry-relevant experience which will help them get a better standard of living and good employment opportunities. Individuals with prior learning experience or skills will be assessed and certified under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component of the Scheme. The objectives of RPL are:

(i) To align the competencies of the un-regulated workforce of the country to the standardized National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF),

(ii) To enhance the career/employability opportunities of an individual as well as provide alternative routes to higher skilling and

(iii) To provide opportunities for reducing inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over others.

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